interim hotel management

Interim Hotel Management

We provide temporary senior managers to fill vacant positions for a definite or indefinite period of time. The role is to perform specific tasks and objectives as assigned and agreed with the property owner or senior management.

Interim Hotel ManagementIn times of change, companies periodically require interim management in order to overcome unforeseen situations. Management continuity is essential in such circumstances and can often not be provided from within. We provide these interim managers, who are experienced at adapting to the situation at hand.

Advantages of Interim Hotel Management:

  • Ability to perform duties required from General Manager to CEO level
  • Short term availability of a competent, experienced senior hospitality manager
  • Not only a consultant but a pragmatic decision maker and problem solver
  • Confidence to propose realistic objectives and achieve these with the management team
  • Brings in new perspectives and has on unbiased overview
  • Being independent, can express his evaluation free of pre-conceived positions
  • His engagement is flexible and can be extended
  • Does not burden your financial situation with unnecessary long-term commitments
  • Allows your full-time management to perform their regular duties without interruption
  • Interim mangers can be brought in for the purpose of seasonal reinforcement, extensions of operations, project management, pre-opening task force, re-branding, change and crisis management or to bridge management shortage created by different circumstances such as resignation, promotion or restructuring