change management

Change Management

We will rectify documented shortcomings and weaknesses in an audited operation and implement the necessary strategies to bring the business back on track and to improved profitability.

Following a business efficiency audit, a qualified manager, supported by our team of specialists, can implement the agreed strategies and recommendations to set up the necessary framework for successful change. He will lead the management team on the way to operational excellence and steer the business towards efficiency and improved profitability.

Typical tasks:

  • Change    - The business is driven towards drastic strategic change and the management needs external know-how and experience to pro-actively face this challenge.
  • Operations    - Unlike an outside advisor, we assist in implementing agreed strategies and improvements, with clearly set objectives and adapted measurable improvement plans.
  • HR management - HR management in a situation of change and crisis demands utmost attention. We will conduct a clear analysis of the skills and capabilities within the team and recommend all necessary plans and measures to form an able, motivated and successful team of managers and employees.
  • Continuity - To secure the continuity of the adapted strategic direction, a plan for a minimum period of 6 months will document the set goals and action plans will be drawn up to achieve these goals. Scheduled follow-up sessions will support the continuous implementation and eventual adaptation of the goals to be achieved.