management contract negotiation

Management Contract Negotiations

We provide essential support to negotiate or renegotiate the complex contracts hotel operators and franchise providers submit. Our experienced consultants and lawyers provide a thorough knowledge of internationally acceptable terms and conditions. The process of management/franchise/lease contract negotiations can take several months and is normally carried out in parallel with the search and selection process for a suitable operator, franchisor or lessee.

We assist the hotel owner to:

  • Shortlist suitable operators, franchisors or lessees who we feel will be appropriate for the operation.
  • Analyze the contracts received from the shortlist, highlighting their key characteristics and the strengths and weaknesses of each offer.
  • Evaluate the proposals and reach a consensus for a balanced and fair agreement that is mutually beneficial to both the owner and the franchisee/operator/lessee and that meets the owner’s objectives.
  • Safeguard the owner from an unprofitable long term relationship by advising on appropriate exit strategies.
  • Ensure that potential financial and legal risks are analyzed and protection is included in the terms of all contracts and memoranda of understanding.