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Search & Selection for Hotel Operator

Selecting the right operator is one of the most critical decisions for any owner because management contracts effectively transfer control to the operator for the duration of the contract, in many cases 20 or more years.

For new properties being developed to achieve a hospitality product that is attractive, is close to the market and matches international standards, it is recommended to choose and bring in a hotel operator at the early stages of the project. This allows for the brand criteria of the chosen operator to be included in the project, avoiding unnecessary adaptation costs at a later stage.

Furthermore we support the owner in all contract negotiations with the prospective operator to ensure he contracts at the most advantageous, yet balanced conditions that allow the operator to succeed.

We offer:
  • Knowledge of a worldwide inventory of existing hotel management and franchise brands.
  • Knowledge of operators strengths and their management terms.
  • The preparation of a professional Operator’s Package (information memorandum for the Owners to understand and evaluate the project proposal).
  • The service of inviting and short listing reputable and suitable operating companies to express their interest to manage
  • The professional review involving the comparison and assessment of key terms.
  • Introduction to the Owner of a list of finalists with firm letters of intent.
  • Contract Negotiations.
  • Evaluation with the owner and final recommendation for the drafting of the management contact and technical services agreement by our legal counsel.